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The Bloob

Chapter 1

The night sky was practically glistening. Alissa didn't get many opportunities to come out to the public park anymore, much less spend a night camping, but it had turned out to be a great time. Finals Week was just wrapping up. Alissa and the two friends that accompanied her, Jessica and Mary, had finished all their exams, turned in all their papers, wrapped up all their projects. All that was left was to burn the few class-free weeks before their various internships began.

The park (officially Smith Heritage Forestry) had been absolutely packed during the day. Alissa's group wasn't the only looking for a day of fun to wind down the constant studying. But most of the college kids had left around nightfall, which was just fine with Alissa. The calm of the night woods was much more soothing than the bustle of Frisbee-throwing frat boys.

After a dinner of campfire roasted hot dogs and s'mores, the girls had made a short hike to a grassy hilltop to stargaze. Alissa was surprised by the sheer number of stars that could be seen out here. The forestry was a good twenty miles from town, so all the nasty light pollution was well away from them. The sky opened up like a--

"It looks like someone spilled salt on blacktop," Mary blurted.

Jessica barked a laugh and rolled onto her side. "That's just terrible. So bad."

"What? It does!" Mary insisted, though she couldn't hide her grin. She rolled over and shoved her friend. "You come up with something better."

Jessica pursed her lips and thought. "It's like a million pinpricks in a black sheet."

Alissa grinned herself. "That's not much better." She didn't roll over, like her friends. She had never seen the stars in such volume, and couldn't seem to pull her eyes away.

"Says the city girl," Mary teased.

"You'd think a country girl could come up with something better than salt on blacktop," Alissa retorted.

Jessica adopted her heaviest southern accent and chimed in with, "Why we're just poor dumb country folk, we don't know nothing 'bout no metterfores."

Alissa's laughter was cut short when she saw a streak of light. "Oh!"

"What?" asked Mary, flopping back down to see the stars.

"I just saw a shooting star, I think."

"Whoa, good for you. Maybe there'll be a few more," said Jessica.

The girls watched for a while longer, but it started to get chilly, so Jessica and Mary walked back to the fire. Alissa told them to go on ahead, she wanted to stargaze a while longer. Wrapping herself up in the towel she was laying on for warmth, she watched attentively for any more shooting stars.

She saw satellites blink past, and a few airplanes. She noticed a few of the more easily recognizable constellations; the Big Dipper, Orion's Belt. A bat flew overhead-- or maybe that was an owl.

The bug spray was starting to wear off, and mosquitoes were becoming a problem again, so Alissa decided to go back. She unwrapped herself and was about to get up when she saw something unusual.

It started out like a normal shooting star, just at the top of her vision, but it slowed down. It didn't fade like the others, it just started slowing down. She was puzzled for a moment, but then she realized what was happening. It was falling! On her!

Too shocked to even sit up, she scrambled backwards on her elbows, trying desperately to avoid being horribly killed by falling space debris. She watched as it thumped against the ground and bounced up and at her. Her hands rose reflexively to protect her face, but it shot underneath them and slipped down her neckline.

She jolted upright as the heat from it singed her chest. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, she shook it, trying to coax the stupid space rock to fall out. It wouldn't. She reached one hand down the neck and fished for the rock.

But only found her breasts. She looked around on the ground to make sure it hadn't actually fallen out, but couldn't find even a normal pebble. It occurred to her that her chest didn't feel burnt either, even though she was sure that she'd felt the rock burning her. She looked down the front of her shirt and probed around some more, but had to give up. It simply wasn't there. And judging from the lack of all evidence, never had been there.

Chalking it up to an overactive imagination (probably compensation for all the time her brain had been in serious mode for the past week), she gathered her towel and walked back to the camp site.

Jessica and Mary were chatting by the campfire, both wrapped in their jackets. Jessica saw her first and waved, and Mary looked up and smiled. "See anymore shooting stars?"

Alissa pulled up a folding chair and joined them, wrapped in her towel. "Just one. But it turns out I was seeing things." She touched her chest unconsciously. "I thought it fell on me."

Mary laughed, and even Jessica couldn't help from grinning. "Oh, poor city girl couldn't take so much country."

Alissa giggled along with them, but her heart wasn't in it. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was off; she wasn't one to see things that weren't there.

After chatting around the fire for a little longer, the girls doused it and went to their tents. In the privacy of her own tent, Alissa grabbed a flashlight and pulled off her shirt to check one last time for any sign of burns or the rock. She probed and looked until a lewd comment from Mary made her shut off the flashlight and grimace in embarrassment. She hadn't been able to find anything. Not a burn, bruise, smudge or scrape.

Before climbing into her sleeping bag and drifting off to sleep though, she took off her bra. It was feeling too tight, and the last thing she needed was another thing keeping her awake.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Alissa awoke to find that her bra was even tighter than the night before. She struggled with it for a few minutes before finally deciding to go without until she could get home. She mentally counted down the days; she wasn't due for a while yet, but the swelling had been bad sometimes before. Maybe it was just getting an early start. The thought was depressing.

When she climbed out of her tent, she saw no one else was up yet, but she heard movement in Jessica's tent. She loaded some charcoal and newspaper into the provided grills and lit it in preparation for breakfast. As the coals burned down, she examined their stock. Eggs, milk, bread. Simple, but enough.

She heard Jessica's tent unzip and asked her, "French toast sound good?" Jessica mumbled something that sounded affirmative and grabbed a canned coffee out of the cooler.

Predictably, Mary was only lured out of her tent at the smell of breakfast cooking. Also predictably, she was far too energetic in the morning. "Is that french toast?" she asked. "Ah, Ally, that's awesome!"

Alissa smirked, "You better appreciate that I make you anything after your antics last night."

"My antics? I wasn't the one putting on a silhouette striptease."

Alissa flicked some ice from the cooler at her in response, which Mary playfully dodged.

Once the french toast was done, the girls gathered around the ashes of their campfire and ate. Between bites, Jessica brought up the subject of their plans for the week. "There's not much going on around town now that classes are out, but I hear there's a fair coming to the city in a few days. We ought to check it out, while we still have the time."

Mary liked the idea. "I'm definitely up for it. I've got absolutely nothing to do until my job calls back."

"What kind of fair is it?" asked Alissa.

"I didn't get all the details, but it looks like a typical state fair deal. Carnival rides, animal shows. That sorta thing," Jessica replied. "And the best part: free admission," she added with a wink.

"Well how can you say no to that?" said Mary with a grin.

"I can't. Let's do it," Alissa answered. "What day does it start?"

"Day after tomorrow, I think. I'll check when we get back and let you guys know."

After they ate, the girls broke camp and packed up their stuff in Jessica's car, a gas-guzzling SUV that Mary gave her grief over. Except whenever she rode in it.

Alissa got dropped off first, at her townhouse. She waved bye to her friends and hefted her duffel bag inside. Her roommate had already moved out for the summer, so the house was all hers. She tossed her bag next to the door and flopped down in the armchair by the TV.

The motion reminded her that she wasn't wearing a bra, so she walked down the hall to her bedroom. Her cat Fendi stood and stretched when he saw her, and jumped down from the bed to rub against her. She scratched behind his ears and went through her drawers to find a good bra and a change of panties. A shower sounded like just the thing right now; she could swear she felt twigs stuck in her hair.

She was right. She found at least one twig that had made it's way deep into her hair, and more than a few pine needles. The shower was incredibly refreshing. Camping had been fun, but it had been messy. It was good to be clean again.

She toweled off in front of the mirror and examined herself to make sure she hadn't picked up any ticks. She was fine. It was probably still just a bit too soon for ticks. She grabbed her blow drier and dried out her hair.

To her annoyance, even this bra was too tight. She tossed it aside, and went to her chest of drawers. Picking out her best and biggest ones, she tried them on one after another. They were all simply too small. Her B's had swollen to a high C, apparently. She threw on a big shirt and grabbed her keys. Time to buy some new bras.

An hour later and several trips to the changing room, Alissa was back with a couple of D cups. She supposed she should be grateful for the size boost, but she dreaded the tenderness. It was nice to be back in a bra, however. Especially one that didn't dig right into her.

She spent the day cleaning up around the house and organizing. Sooner than she'd like, she was going to have to pack up and move into the city for her internship. Once that was done, she lounged in the living room with Fendi in her lap and watched some TV until evening. She checked her email before going off to bed and saw that Jessica had sent the information about the fair. It looked to be about like what she said: rides and animals. Some bands too, but no one major. Mostly country stars and local rock bands. Still, it would be fun. She looked forward to it.

She climbed into bed and thought about what she would do tomorrow. Packing still needed to be done, and she should probably check in with her landlord about going away. Fendi jumped up onto the bed and curled into a ball on her stomach. Smiling, Alissa scratched behind his ears and fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Alissa slept restlessly. Her dreams were troubled by vanishing rocks, unseen screams and an overarching sense of discomfort. She felt like something was wrong, but everyone she tried to ask couldn't look her in the eye. Frustrated and afraid, she threw up her arms in disgust.

And smacked them painfully into the end table by her bed. She yelped and pulled her arm close, rolling back and forth. Another great way to start the day, she thought.

She looked at the clock. 11:23. No classes and I suddenly sleep till noon. She decided some coffee might help her get out of her negative morning mood. When she stood up out of bed, however, a sudden wobbling reminded her that she'd slept without a bra again. Still groggy, and squinting from the sunlight that filled her room she looked around the floor.

But her gaze was blocked by the mass of flesh in front of her. She gasped and fell backwards onto her bed. It couldn't be true. Her breasts had been swollen before, but now they were ripe. She'd been annoyed when her breasts had swollen too big for her B cup bras. Now she seriously doubted the new D's she'd bought would be sufficient.

Trying to wrap her head around this phenomenon, she examined herself in the bathroom mirror. She had to blink a few times and rub her eyes before she finally believed what she saw. Each breast was large enough to flow out of her hands when she cupped them, and the sudden weight was already throwing off her balance. She splashed some water on her face and went to the kitchen.

As she readied the coffee maker, she tried to puzzle out what to do. Should she call an ambulance? No, no, she wasn't in pain. She might want to see a doctor though, and wondered if her health insurance was up to date.

A dog ran by her window and she jumped. She hadn't thought about it, but if she was going to walk around her apartment topless, she might want to close the blinds. While she was doing that, she found her cell phone and sent a text message to Jessica: Come over, I need your help. That would have to do. Jessica had a level head; she would be able to help figure out what to do.

Alissa drank her coffee and poured herself a bowl of cereal. For lack of anything better, she pulled on her biggest night shirt. It stretched around her new endowments, but it would have to do. She'd just have to stay inside for now. Good thing the internship didn't start for another week.

As she flipped through channels, she realized that she hadn't seen Fendi for a while. Normally, she would just assume he was sleeping somewhere, but a vague memory made her worry. Dropping off her breakfast dishes in the sink, she grabbed the bag of his food and tried to lure him out with a few shakes. When that failed, she walked around, looking under furniture and calling his name. He was nowhere to be found. She tried to remember if maybe she'd left a door open or something, but nothing came to mind. She couldn't shake the feeling of discomfort though. Something was bothering her, like a memory from a dream.

She paced the living room for a while, waiting for Jessica. Nothing on TV could hold her attention; she couldn't sit still. She was chewing her thumbnail nervously when she finally heard the knock on the door. After a quick look through the peephole to make sure it was Jessica, she let her in without hesitation.

Alissa was about to explain why she'd called Jessica over, but saw there was no need. Her friend's eyes went wide as soon as she saw Alissa's chest. "What happened to you?!"

Alissa sat down. Having it put out there so bluntly knocked the wind out of her. "I don't have any idea! I thought it was just some swelling, but it was bad. I had to buy new bras! But then I woke up this morning, and they were like this!" She gestured widely, emphasizing the drastic growth. "I don't know what to do, Jess! I thought about going to the doctor, but I don't now if my insurance is up-to-date, and I don't wanna waste a lot of money on some bad swelling!" Alissa was rapidly panicking. She hadn't realized she was so worked up about it until she had someone to drop her fears on. "And I can't find Fendi! I don't know where he went!"

"Relax," Jessica tried to soothe her. "He probably just slipped outside. Let's worry about one thing at a time." Alissa took a deep breath and nodded. Jessica took a seat on the loveseat next to her. "I think you should definitely see a doctor. Even if it is just swelling, that's not normal swelling. You need to know what's causing it before it gets to be a bigger problem."

"You think they'll get bigger?!" Alissa asked, wide eyed.

"That's not what I meant," Jessica sighed. "Go ahead and get ready, I'll drive you. If we go to the student health center, you won't have to worry about insurance. We'll find Fendi when we get back."

Alissa nodded in agreement and sniffed. "I'll go get changed."

"Make sure you change that shirt too," Jessica called after her.

"Huh? Why?" She looked down. The fabric stretched across her breasts was nearly worn away. It was practically see-through, and she worried that any sudden movement might send a rip through the whole thing. She was sure the shirt had been in fine condition when she put it on. Were her new endowments putting that much stress on it? She had been moving around a lot when she looked for her cat. Maybe that had done it?

Her rationalizations weren't convincing her as well as before. The absence of Fendi and the half-remembered dream had really shaken her. Once again, she was grateful for Jessica's level head. She was a good, dependable friend. Always had been.

In her room, Alissa pulled the shirt over her head, but the bottom caught on her new boobs. She tried to pull it around and over, but she heard a nasty rip. The fabric must have given way, because she hadn't pulled nearly hard enough for that. Upon examining the ruined shirt, she saw a gaping hole where the front should be. Not just a rip through the fabric. A hole.

She stared at the shirt puzzled for a moment, but a sickening sucking sound drew her attention down to her chest. What she saw made her blood turn cold. The missing piece of the shirt was pinned underneath the folds of her breasts, and it was being pulled up into them. Not between them. Into them. She screamed.

Jessica knocked on her door a moment later and Alissa faintly heard her asking what was wrong, but her attention was fully consumed by the unnatural absorption occurring in her boobs. She tried to pull the scrap of shirt away, but the breasts were relentless. In her struggle, Alissa accidentally let the rest of the shirt fall on top of the breasts, and it was being fiercely consumed as well. Panic took over.

She dashed to her desk and grabbed some scissors in an attempt to cut away the rest of the shirt before it could be absorbed. But the pace of the consumption was increasing, and by the time Alissa got halfway through the fabric, the scissors themselves were wrenched from her grasp and absorbed with a loud schlorp.

Outside, Jessica only heard some sucking noises and Alissa's gasps and moans, and her mind went right to Mary's comment the night of the camp out. She turned bright red and walked away from the door. It was a silly thought. There were more pressing matters. But... the chance that Alissa might actually be experimenting with her new boobs was too much for her. She couldn't bear the embarrassment if she swung open the door to that scene. She heard me, I'm sure, Jessica thought. If she needed help, she would've said something. I should just wait back in the living room.

Meanwhile, Alissa ran wild-eyed from her bedroom to the bathroom and back again, trying to find something to keep her breasts at bay. They'd finished the shirt and seemed to be just normal (albeit too large) breasts, but she didn't believe it for a second. She didn't know what she was looking for, but she hoped to find something.

And find something she did. She threw aside the blankets on her bed, and flinched at the sight of claw marks deep in the sheet and mattress. The half-memory suddenly returned to her in full. The scream she had heard in her dream had been a cat's, not a person's. Fendi had been the first victim of her voracious breasts.

She let out a cry and forgot herself for a moment, falling face down on her bed in grief. It only took her a split-second to realize her mistake, but it was too late. She tried to pry herself away from her bed, but the sheets and mattress were firmly attached. Alissa was only able to stare in horror as her queen-size mattress was slowly but surely being pulled into her.

This absorption took longer than the others, and Alissa's senses finally returned to her. Jessica was here! She could help! "Jessica!"

Jessica was at the door in moments, but what she saw froze her in her tracks. Alissa was leaned over her bed, topless, pushing and straining against her mattress. Her breasts were several times the size they'd been earlier, and a horrible sucking sound was coming from them as the mattress shifted and twisted.

"Jessica, help!"

Jessica snapped out of her shock at her friend's plea, and ran to the bed. "What... what should I do?" she asked, desperate to help but not sure what was happening.

"Pull it out! Pull it out! PLEASE!" Alissa was crying, tears streaming down her face, panic in her voice. "Help me!"

Jessica did as she was told. She was a tall girl, around 6'1", and she'd always had a bit of an athletic advantage on Mary and Alissa, both of whom were shorter. Hoping it would count now, she planted a foot on the boxspring, grabbed the edges of the mattress and pulled with all her might. She heard Alissa similarly straining on the opposite side, and Jessica's heart leapt as she felt the process slowing down.

But then Alissa's footing slipped, and mattress, breasts and girl all came flying over the bed to crash on top of Jessica.

Alissa cried out in pain when her leg slammed into the wooden edge of the boxspring, but her attention quickly shifted to the mass underneath her. Where's Jessica?!

"Jessica?! Jessica!!" she called, pushing aside the writhing breast flesh to try to find her friend.

"I'm... here...." said a weak voice to Alissa's left. She turned to make sure she was okay.

Jessica seemed to be fine, at first, though a bit of blood was dripping from a small cut on her forehead. But her face was twisted in fear, and her eyes were wide and wild.

"I'm so glad you're--" She saw it. She followed Jessica's stare, and saw what was scaring her friend so much. Her left arm, up to the wrist, was lost inside Alissa's now beachball-sized breasts. And more was being pulled in by the second. "No! Jessica, no! Move! Don't just stand there! MOVE!!"

Jessica flinched out of her shock, and tried to pull away. Instead, more of her arm was pulled in, and Jessica lost her footing. She collapsed into an awkward crouch, and tried to twist away violently, again and again. Tears of fear streamed down her face, and her voice had failed her. A string of weak no's were the only thing that could form on her lips. When she realized she couldn't pull away, her head thrashed from side to side, looking for something, anything, to cut with. Nothing was within reach, and the breast had absorbed her up to the elbow. She turned on her own flesh next, using her fingernails to rip trails out of her arm, trying to rip through before the breast consumed her whole. Blood and chunks of flesh flew from her frantic clawing, splattering the walls, the floor, Alissa's face.

Alissa could only watch on in horror. Blood poured from Jessica's arm, thick and rhythmic, and even it was absorbed into her ravenous breasts. By the time her arm was lost halfway to the shoulder, Jessica had lost all reason. She tried to push away from the breast with the other arm, and only succeeded in getting it stuck too. Her own breasts touched the man-eating one not long after, and her torso started to be pulled in. The last thing Alissa saw on her friend's face was a look of consuming fear so deep that there was nothing left. No tears, no recognition. Just total, primal fear.

Chapter 4

Somewhere between Jessica's final whimpered "no" and the final traces of her being absorbed into Alissa's breasts, her mind went numb. With an uncanny sense of calm, she leaned backwards and sat firmly on her boxspring, corralling her breasts as best she could. She managed to pull of a seated position, legs crossed to support the bottom of the mass and keep the breasts from touching anything else.

She tried to think of what to do, but thoughts and fear alike skittered off that calm. She should feel scared, confused, depressed, but she felt none of it. A tiny voice in her head muttered frantically that it had to be a dream, but Alissa knew it was not. She had seen Jessica get pulled in, had felt her warm blood against her face as her friend clawed at her own arm like a trapped raccoon. She'd heard the screams, heard the pleas. And she'd heard them stop.

She couldn't think of what to do, but she knew what she was doing. Sitting perfectly still, keeping anything from making contact with the monstrous growths attached to her chest. They'd swollen to grotesque proportions after their meal. Even sitting cross-legged as she was, she could barely contain them. Her arms could no longer encircle them, so she had settled to cup each breast and support them with her legs. She couldn't move, but she couldn't foresee that being a problem. A more and more vocal part of her just wanted to stay there in her room and waste away. At least that would probably stop the murderous things.

But she knew she couldn't. She would have to sleep before she starved, or died of thirst, or whatever fate awaited her. And she wouldn't be able to support them when she was unconscious. She'd just wake up to an eaten boxspring, floor, and probably house. The thought made her stomach churn.

She couldn't stay here forever, but she could stay here a while longer. The light filtering through her closed blinds gradually dimmed. The feelings that had been held at bay leaked out in bursts as she sat on what used to be her bed. She cried. She laughed. She screamed. She pleaded; with her breasts, with God, with no one.

Some time after the blinds had gone dark, she heard a knock at the door. The eerie calm that had blanketed her all day left immediately. Oh no, no, no. Please, just go away.

The knocking picked up again, and Alissa willed herself not to make a noise. A muffled voice called, "Ally, you home? Jess said she was gonna check on you."

Alissa bit her lip. Fear was setting back in, and she wanted so badly for help she didn't trust herself not to shout for Mary to come save her. But she couldn't allow that; Mary would only end up like Jessica. The knocking continued for a few minutes, with Mary calling at the door. Alissa heard her cell phone ring from the living room, and barely suppressed a moan. Mary would've heard that. She'd know that she was home.

Sure enough, a few seconds later Alissa heard the door open and close. "Ally? The door was open. Jess? You still here?" Mary asked the house. Alissa's bedroom door was still open, but the light was off and it didn't have a clear view of the front door. She considered trying to hide, but knew it was pointless. Her breasts were too big to fit through any doors now, at least without touching anything, and the noise would draw Mary immediately.

The hall light flicked on. Alissa heard Mary's footsteps growing ever closer. "Ally?" She was talking softer now. Probably thought that Alissa might be sleeping. Alissa's fight-or-flight reaction kicked in, and she involuntarily leaned forward on the boxspring before catching herself. But too late-- the wooden boards betrayed her with an audible creak.

Mary's head appeared in the doorway. The room was too dark to see much, but she could just make out Alissa sitting up in bed, hugging what looked like a wad of blankets. Or maybe not. It was kinda round. Mary couldn't put her finger on it.

"Hey Ally," she said. "I heard you weren't feeling well."

"No-" Alissa's voice cracked. She struggled to smooth it. "No, I wasn't. You better stay away. I don't want you getting sick too."

"Oh, alright then," Mary hesitated in the doorway. "Do you want me to bring you anything? Some medicine, or juice or something?

Alissa squeezed her breasts tighter, trying to will her friend away. "No!" she snapped, a little meaner than she'd intended. "No, I'm alright."

Nonplussed, Mary hovered in the doorway for a few more moments. "Umm, you haven't heard from Jess, have you? She hasn't been home since this morning."

"No, I haven't seen her." She felt the words crack in her throat before she heard them in her ears. A violent sob threatened to overtake her, so she buried her face in the cleavage in front of her. Hopefully it was too dark for Mary to see.

As if mocking her hopes, at that moment a car drove by, it's headlights bright even through the blinds. The light in the corner of her eye seemed blinding. Alissa whipped her head around to see if Mary had noticed anything.

She had. "Ally, what are you--" As she flicked on the bedroom light, her question died on her tongue. Alissa's room was in ruins. Clothes and random objects littered the floor. A comforter sat in a crumpled pile by the foot of the bed, which was missing its mattress. What she thought had been Alissa's blankets bundled in front of her now seemed nothing like it. They were flesh-colored, and the surface was taut. Alissa was sitting cross-legged, her back to the door, so Mary couldn't quite make out what she was seeing. Absently, Mary wondered why Alissa wasn't wearing a top, but the expression of panic on her friend's turned head took precedence.

"Ally...? What's wrong?" Mary asked as she took a step forward.


Mary froze. Alissa rarely yelled. She never screamed like that. "Ally?"

"I said stay away..." Her voice was low now, like a warning growl. Mary felt a chill run down her spine.

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" She mustered her courage and took another step forward. The mass in Alissa's arms seemed to be quivering. Was she hiding an animal?

"Please, just go." This was ice. There was no room for argument, it was a clear dismissal.

Which only made Mary more concerned. She'd been friends with Alissa since high school. They'd fought, but it had never been anything serious, and it had always been clear. She didn't know why Alissa was trying to keep her away now, but it was clear that something was wrong. Mary couldn't just leave. She took a few more steps forward.

A blur of movement, and the mass in Alissa's arms shot sideways and around. Alissa tumbled with it, letting out a shout that was part surprise, part fear. Mary's own yelp echoed it. She stumbled and fell backwards at the sight. The mass that Alissa had been "holding" was her own bare breasts, though impossibly huge. They lay pooled against the exposed boxspring for a moment, just long enough for Alissa to frantically try to reach under and lift them away. But in the time it took her to gain her footing, the breasts had changed.

Mary didn't know what she was seeing. They'd just been sitting on the boxspring, but now they shuddered and shook, and she could hear a sucking noise, quiet at first but growing louder. It was capped by a startling crunch as the wooden frame of the boxspring cracked in two. Girl and breasts dropped slightly as the broken boxspring refused to support their weight, and Mary was given a clear line of sight to Alissa's face.

"Ally, what--?!"

"Just run!" Alissa yelled. "Get out of here!" Her pretense of cold anger had melted away. The tears that formed in her eyes were much more convincing for Mary.

She stood, carefully, and backed up to the door. "I'll come back Ally! With help. I promise!" With that, she turned and ran down the hall.

Alissa did not move until she heard the sound of the front door closing. Then she turned on her breasts. "You bastards can move on your own?!" she yelled at them. "What are you?!" She planted her feet and hooked an arm under her right breast. Twisting away, she pulled it out of the wreckage of the boxspring, bits of wood and fabric still clinging to it, being sucked in. Careful to avoid letting the right breast touch anything, she repeated the process on her left. She let them finish the fragments of their meal that they'd pulled up with them. They swelled with each bit they absorbed. Already they weighed a considerable amount.

Alissa had a plan now. She couldn't stay here anymore. If Mary really did come back with help, and there was no doubt in Alissa's mind that she would, Alissa had better be far away. No matter how she tried, the breasts were not going to squeeze through the doorways without eating a good chunk of wall as well. Better be fast to make sure the chunk was as small as possible. If they really were swelling with every bit they ate, a bit of wall could be the difference between a narrow escape and the house collapsing in on her immobilized body.

Thinking about it was making her nervous, but she steeled herself. Jessica's sacrifice was already far too much. She was not about to let Mary and her "help" become the next. Without a second thought, she charged the doorway.

Back to the frame, then turn. The right slipped miraculously through, but the left caught the edge of the door frame on the swing. Alissa bit her lip and twisted violently. The wooden border came away with the breast, but the rest remained.

Good, now to the front door. Maneuvering carefully down the hall, not letting her breasts so much as scrape the wallpaper, she made it to the front door. As expected, it was closed. She twisted her body to allow her left breast to be the support for her right, and opened the door with her free arm. The awkward angle made it difficult, and the weight of the breasts threatened to throw her off balance, but she did it. Light from the nearby streetlight flooded into her home.

Embarrassment welled up in her mind. Regardless of the circumstances, she would be walking outside topless. She shook her head. It wasn't time for thoughts like that. It was night anyway. No one would be outside. Or so she hoped.

Taking a deep breath, she tackled this door in the same way as the first. Out, then turn. Unfortunately, this time, the breast caught the door itself. It slammed shut as she tried to twist away, but it was far more sturdy than the door frame had been. It wasn't budging. Very carefully, Alissa supported the breast as it ate at the door. It would weaken soon enough, and struggling at this point might very well get her attached to still more things.

She looked around warily at the other town houses near hers. Only a few lights were on. Most of the other residents had also been college students, and they'd shipped out as soon as they could after Finals Week. No one bothered to look out to see what the slam was about, thankfully. They were probably too far away to hear it. The nearest light was two buildings away.

A groaning from the corroded door was her cue. She planted her feet and twisted, and the center of the door came out with one final crunch. The gaping hole in her front door would attract some attention whenever it was discovered, but for the time being, she was safe.

The breasts had swollen again from the door, and their weight was starting to take its toll on her back and arms. She had to find some place she could rest. There was a small park nearby. If she stuck to the woods, maybe no one would see her. She struck out in that direction and prayed that the park would be deserted.

Chapter 5

Mary didn't know what she was doing. She felt horrible for running out on Alissa, but the situation was too hard to understand. Running was the only reaction that made any sense. She had promised to bring back help, but sitting in her car, back in front of her house, she still didn't know who to call. Who would believe her? Did she believe it herself?

What she had seen didn't make any sense whatsoever. Alissa had breasts in the B range. But what she'd seen were beyond anything that had ever been natural, or even unnatural. Bigger than beach balls, too big for convenient spherical comparison. Not only that, but they'd moved on their own. She was sure of it. They'd been squirming when she approached. They'd lunged at her when she got too close. And what did they do to the boxspring? The sucking noise stuck in her head. Horrible, disgusting, like a vacuum cleaner over a puddle of slime.

A chilling thought came to her. Alissa wanted her to leave, to get away. Something must have happened to Jessica. Something involving those monstrosities. Mary dropped her head against her steering wheel.

"What do I do?" she asked aloud. It was no use. No one was going to help her with this. This sort of thing was Jessica's forte, and she was gone.

That sort of thinking was useless. Mary stared at herself in the mirror. She had promised help, so she had to bring it. It was as simple as that. If they wouldn't believe the truth, she'd give them a lie.

* * *

Alissa found the park to be blessedly deserted. It was a tiny thing, barely a park at all. Just some benches, a grill, a basketball court and a playground. She wanted badly to settle on one of the benches, but she didn't trust herself to keep her breasts from brushing against it.

Any brush spelled disaster. Her breasts were already getting too difficult to support. If they got much bigger, she risked falling forward and not being able to get up. The thought of her breasts devouring the ground itself in an unending feast made her shiver.

Since she couldn't sit, she found a tree and leaned her back against it. It wasn't very comfortable, but it was better than standing unsupported. It did nothing for the strain on her arms, shoulders and back, though.

A pain in her foot had been bothering her for a while. Using the tree for support, she lifted her foot and twisted her neck to see what was wrong.

She blinked in surprise. A gash around her ankle was dripping blood down her foot. It must have happened when she ran across the broken boxspring. How had she not noticed it before?

It suddenly occurred to her that her whole body was feeling slightly numb. Could it be a side effect of whatever was happening to her? Her worries started to spiral out of control. When her body went completely numb, would the breasts just take over? She didn't want to think about it. She leaned her head back against the tree and cried.

* * *

Mary hung up her phone and stared at the gap in Alissa's door. A huge hole, right in the center. It hadn't been there when she'd left, she was certain. It did give her the idea of what to say to the police, though. A robbery, she had told them. A robbery in progress, to be certain they got there fast.

She got out of the car and examined the door. The wood was splintered around the hole. She remembered how the boxspring had broken under Alissa's breasts. Could it be that they punched a hole through the door to escape? Did they have that level of control over Alissa?

A smudge on the sidewalk caught her eye. She leaned close to see what it could be, and saw that it was a footprint. A bare foot, it left a bloody smudge on concrete. More footprints led away from the sidewalk, toward the tree line. Alissa had walked to the woods.

A few minutes later a police car arrived. The officer came running to Mary and asked if she was hurt, but Mary explained to him that she had called in the robbery. She showed him the broken door, and told him that she'd seen the robber head off toward the woods.

"Wait here," the officer told her, drawing his gun.

"No, let me go with you." The look on his face said no, so she added, "Please. I'm scared."

The policeman relented, but said, "Stay behind me, and be quiet."

The two followed along the tree line for a while, watching for any signs of movement. Before long, they came upon a short trail through the trees. "Do you know where this leads?"

"I... I think there's a little park around here. It probably goes there."

He nodded and reminded her to stay behind him. They proceeded up the trail, and when they crested the hill on the other side, Mary saw what she was looking for.

About a hundred yards away, leaning against a tree near a bench, was Alissa. She didn't seem to see them, but the cop stared in her direction, confused. "Officer, please, don't be alarmed. This is why I called you out here. You see that girl?"

The cop nodded. "Those the stolen goods she's holding?"

"No, no. She didn't steal anything," Mary said, shaking her head. "She lives there. What she's holding, well... Come and see, but don't scare her."

"We'll see from here." The cop reached for his flashlight and turned it on, shining the beam on Alissa. The topless girl jumped nearly out of her skin and dashed away from the tree. "Miss, wait!" he yelled, and took off at a sprint after her.

The chase was short lived. Alissa was too off-balance to run very well, and the cop caught her almost immediately. Alissa showed no signs of giving up, however, and tried to throw off the cop by twisting in another direction. Her breasts switched direction a bit slower and a bit more forcefully, however, and she fell forward onto the dirt.

For a terrifying second, Alissa thought it was all over. Her boobs would chew through the ground and never stop. But they smooshed into the ground and flattened without so much as a shudder. For some reason, these relentless mounds had no interest in what lay under them now.

"Freeze!" the policeman shouted. Alissa turned her head to see him just as he shined his flashlight on her. He had his gun trained at her back, but thankfully he was far enough away that she didn't think her breasts could get to him. She couldn't see his face through the glare, but his gun dropped as he stared at what had to look ridiculous. A topless girl in only panties sprawled chest down the ground, but lifted by absurdly large breasts to the point that even lying down she was on her knees.

Alissa feebly raised her arms. The effort it took was astounding. Her arms were exhausted from supporting the abominations for so long. "Officer, please, just don't come any closer."

The cop, however, had frozen himself. His mind was trying to process what he was seeing, but it was so vastly different from what he had expected that it was taking it a while to catch up. His training kicked in in the meantime. He looked her up and down for any weapons, noted that she was nearly naked, and evaluated the level of threat she presented: low. Following these familiar rigors helped snap him back into focus. He holstered his gun and pulled out a set of handcuffs. "Place your arms behind your back," he told the girl, his voice more calm and stable than he felt.

Alissa did as she was told, but warned him again, "Don't touch me."

"Calm down miss. I'm just going to cuff you, and then we'll sort all this out." He knelt awkwardly beside her, trying to reach her arms without touching her bare breasts. The last thing he needed was this overendowed girl suing the department for sexual harassment. The thought seemed out of place to him here, with this strange and seemingly impossible situation, but all the lectures and meetings had hammered into him the fear of harassment suits. So tenderly, carefully, he reached over and clicked the first cuff around her wrist.

Just then, the girl shifted quickly, and her tit smacked square into his arm. Irritation flared up in him. She was trying to get a case against him. "Ma'am, please stay still," he said as he tried to reach over and cuff her other hand.

His arm wouldn't move. With a grunt, he pulled against whatever was wedging him, and the girl's tit came with him. "What the...?" He started to push away with his free hand, but the girl shouted "Stop!"

It was too late. The officer's hand stuck in the boob flesh before he could flinch away. "Hey, what is this?" He said, straining to pull away, but failing. A sucking noise had started, and he could feel the breasts squirming against his skin. "What's going on?"

The girl answered only with tears. She forced herself to face him, and with a sob told him, "I'm sorry."

The officer had only moments more to ponder what was happening. His hand slipped into the flesh and pain shot through him. His hand felt like it was on fire, and in seconds his arm felt the same. He shouted in agony and struggled against the pull of the breasts. He managed to stand, dragging breast and girl up with him, but his footing was taken out from under him by a lunge of the other breast.

The girl, now on her back, whispered apologies over and over while she cried, but the officer didn't hear her. Strewn over her breasts like a strip of cloth, his whole body now shared the pain that his arms had felt. He writhed against it, but it only made him sink in faster. The pain intensified as he felt his skin finally give way and the blood pour vigorously from the open wounds. He stared at where his hands would be, but saw only the wall of flesh, rising closer to his face with every second.

There was no training for this. This was nothing a single cop could handle. If only he'd consented to bring backup, this wouldn't have happened. A robbery in this college town usually meant a drunk student kicking in a door. Nothing that Officer Alex Faraday couldn't handle himself. He was a seasoned cop. But nothing had made him ready for this, nothing could have. Thoughts of his waiting fiancee crept in just as his nose slipped into the pale flesh. His screaming stopped, and a single tear fell from his eye. Even it was absorbed into the breasts like into a starving sponge.

Chapter 6

On her back, Alissa sobbed for a while. She couldn't say how long. Despite her efforts, another victim had been claimed. Her breasts had grown again. Their weight threatened to pin her down, but she thought when she calmed down she would still able to move. They looked unnaturally pale in the light of the moon, reflecting their true nature. The handcuffs attached to her right wrist were snugly and safely tucked behind her back. The monsters didn't absorb her or the ground, but she'd seen them take in everything else. If they started eating the handcuffs, what would they do when they found her wrist in them?

Gradually, Alissa recovered and carefully sat up. It was then that she remembered Mary, and saw her sitting with her knees to her chest several yards away, watching. Part of her wanted be furious with the girl for bringing more misfortune, but the more reasonable part knew that Mary was just trying to help. The fact that she hadn't run after seeing the death with her own eyes was a testament to her determination. Alissa had to grant her that.

When Mary saw Alissa looking at her, she got up and walked toward her. She seemed embarrassed that she had been too afraid to get any closer. Alissa raised a hand to stop her. "Mary, stay back." Unlike before, there was no chill to her voice, though it did shake. This was a friendly warning. "If you want to help, you have to stay back."

Mary nodded and stopped. "I..." her voice cracked. "I'm so sorry! I didn't think that would happen." She looked down at her toes, distressed.

Alissa tried to smile, but it was like pushing a brick wall. Instead she said, "It's okay." Her words were hollow, and she knew it. How could it be okay when someone else died? But comforting her friend somehow comforted her.

Alissa raised her handcuffed arm to her side, well back from the breasts. "I don't suppose you could help me with this?" she asked.

"Actually, I think I can," Mary answered. "The cop car is back at the house. Maybe there's a spare set of keys." She thought for a moment. "If it's unlocked, that is. Oh! And there's a radio in there. I can call for more help."

The idea of more cops coming to her to die was not appealing, but Alissa was struck with an idea. She put on a brave face and nodded. "Please hurry."

With that, Mary waved and took off back toward the townhouses. Alissa waited until she couldn't see her friend through the trees and carefully stood. The breasts were now big enough that they sagged well past her waist, and the weight threatened to pull her down with every step. Still, she forced herself to walk. Once again, she had to be gone before Mary brought "help." And this time, she wouldn't be found.

* * *

Mary found the car fortunately unlocked. She looked around the front seats for any extra keys, and checked the glove box. A buzzing from the car's radio interrupted her.

"Car 82, Faraday, are you there?" The voice paused for a moment. "Car 82, respond."

Mary picked up the mouthpiece and pressed the button. "Hello?"

"Who is this?"

"My name is Mary Hawthorne."

"Miss, this is a police channel, you cannot be on it."

"I know. I have an emergency. I'm talking from Officer Faraday's car."

The voice didn't reply for a moment. When it came back, it was another voice. An older man. "This is Police Chief Denham. Miss, please, explain why you're using the radio in Officer Faraday's car instead of Faraday himself."

Mary struggled for a way to say it that they would believe. Her thoughts turned to the cop dramas she had watched. "Officer Faraday is down. The robber shot him. Please, send backup to 1523 South Horace St."

"Down? What's his condition?"

"Not good. He needs an ambulance." It was a lucky lie. The police might be able to help protect Alissa, but they would need the open space of an ambulance to transport her. And maybe the EMTs would know what was happening.

The voice on the other end paused again. "Miss Hawthorne, stay in the car. We're dispatching more cars to your location. Stay calm, and do what you can to help the officers when they arrive. In the meantime, give Officer Renalds all the information you can on the robber."

Mary wasn't ready for that. She thought up a fake description, but then realized that they might send police on a man hunt for the made-up robber, which would pull attention away from Alissa. She decided instead to give them Alissa's description. With some modifications.

The first voice came back on the speaker. "This is Officer Renalds. Miss Hawthorne, please describe the robber in as much detail as possible for me."

"She's a white female, about 5'8". Probably in her 20's. Brown wavy hair, shoulder length. Petite build."

"Did you witness the shooting?"

"Yes. She threw away the weapon afterward. She didn't appear to be otherwise armed. She was carrying a large bag."

"Thank you Miss Hawthorne. Stay in the car. More police officers will be there with you shortly."

Mary did as she was told. A few moments later, Officer Renalds came back on the radio with a broadcast to all cars, telling them to be on a lookout for the woman Mary had described. She relaxed only at the end, when he added that she was not armed. The last thing Mary wanted was for a trigger happy cop to shoot Alissa and ask questions later.

Five minutes later, two cop cars and an ambulance pulled up, and Mary climbed out of her car. The more senior of the cops, a graying middle-aged man, came forward and introduced himself as Officer Morgan. "This is Officer Meely," he gestured to the other cop. A pair of EMTs were climbing out of the back of the ambulance and unloading a stretcher.

"Where is Officer Faraday?" asked Morgan, looking around confused.

Mary thought fast. "In the park, down that way," she pointed. "I didn't want to move him."

Morgan nodded, and Meely shouted to the EMTs to follow them. The five followed Mary as she led them down the treeline and through the short trail to the park.

When they crested the hill, Mary's heart sank. Alissa was nowhere to be seen.

Officer Morgan walked up next to her. "I thought you said Faraday was here?"

"I..." Mary couldn't think of a lie fast enough. So she tried the truth. "He wasn't shot."

"What are you talking about? Why'd you say that then?"

"Because... Listen. You're not going to believe me now, but you have to help. My friend is in trouble, and anyone that bumps into her is in danger."

Meely grabbed her arm. "Where is Faraday?"

"He's dead," she said with a grimace.

"Where is he?"

"Look, just help me find my friend, and I'll tell you everything!"

Meely looked at Morgan, and they walked away to talk amongst themselves. They exchanged whispers, and in a few minutes came back. Morgan said, "Okay, we'll help you find your friend. But my buddy here insists that we cuff you until we can determine what actually happened to Faraday."

Mary agreed and offered her hands. Shaking his head, Meely told her to put them behind her back, and he clicked the cuffs shut around her wrists. Meanwhile, Morgan said something to the EMTs, and they left back the way they'd come.

"Where are they going?" Mary asked.

"They're going to bring the ambulance around to the park entrance. We'll meet them back there," Morgan explained.

They walked through the deserted park toward the small parking lot. The policemen turned on their flashlights and swept the tree line on either side, and Mary looked for any sign of Alissa's movements.

She was frustrated that Alissa had run away again. The whole "get the keys" suggestion had just been so she could run off again. Why wouldn't she just accept help? But Mary knew her friend was afraid. After all, the last "help" hadn't gone so well.

They reached the parking lot without seeing any signs of her. Meely suggested that she had probably run off through the trees, but Mary told him that she wouldn't.

"Why not? If she's trying to run away, that's the best place to lose us."

"Because she can't. Believe me, she did not go through the trees." The trees were close enough together that there was no way Alissa could have made it through unscathed. A toppled tree would've been a clear sign of escape, too. She had to have gone out through the entrance.

Mary and the cops sat down on a bench and waited for the ambulance to meet them.

Chapter 7

The streets were dimly lit, and Alissa figured it must be really late, so she felt safe enough walking on them. Safer than walking on the sidewalk, at least. Too many roadside bushes, low-hanging tree branches and telephone poles. She didn't feel safe there. In the middle of the street, there was nothing nearby to accidentally bump in to.

As long as she kept her balance, at least. When she'd reached the road from the park, she had found a pebble-sized piece of broken concrete and touched it to her breast to see if it would be absorbed. It was. A dirt clod found in the same place, however, was not. It seemed that her breasts had a taste for anything except ground.

That revelation had led to her walking just off the sidewalk, through the dark yards, for a while. But a stray tree branch had gotten snatched and eaten by her boobs, and she'd stuck to the road since. She'd find a field somewhere eventually.

She thought she remembered a fairground a few miles away. If she could get there, she could settle down off at the edge of the woods and rest. The numbness she'd noticed earlier had grown with her bust, and it was starting to make it difficult to move. Exhaustion was setting in, but she forced herself forward. She could not allow Mary to catch up to her again.

Progress was slow. The weight of her breasts meant that Alissa had to do an awkward waddle just to keep from falling forward. She figured that she was probably moving about half her normal speed; getting to the next street seemed to take forever.

Halfway down Lance Street, she heard sirens. Mary's backup must have arrived back at the townhouses. She doubled up her pace. When they found out she was gone, they would start searching the streets. Alissa had better be long gone by then.

Lance Street ended at Fox Run Road. Going right led the opposite direction of Alissa's house, but just a little bit to the left was a street that led almost straight to the fairground. If she could cross the street there, it would cut down her travel time immensely.

Judging from the time the sirens had stopped, Alissa figured that Mary and the police must have just been arriving at the park. She figured she still had plenty of time before they started searching for her, and so started left on Fox Run Road. The street she wanted, Eleanor Street, was only about twenty yards down, on the right.

Fox Run Road was lined with cars on either side. The houses here either had no driveways or only short ones, and so nearly everyone parked on the side of the road. Alissa would have felt much more comfortable on the sidewalk, where she would be at least a little concealed from the road, but she couldn't risk cutting between the cars.

She was almost to Eleanor Street when she heard a car. Fox Run rose to a short hill in front of her, so she couldn't see ahead, but she heard the engine as clear as day. Throwing caution to the wind, Alissa started running. Every footfall brought her closer to Eleanor Street and safety, but each step was a gamble. Her breasts flopped heavily as she ran, threatening to knock her down, so she had to run in a meandering path that was frustratingly slow.

She was only a few yards from the entrance to Eleanor Street when the headlights came over the hill. In a last ditch effort to get there before she was properly seen, Alissa half dashed, half dove to her right. The breasts swung with equal gusto, and when Alissa felt her foot twist to match her altered center of gravity, she knew she had made a huge mistake.

Her breasts smacked into the last car before the turn into Eleanor, right against the driver side door. For a happy moment, Alissa thought she would be okay. The breasts hadn't started eating yet. It was like they were surprised at the sudden morsel in front of them. If she could shift her weight and fall back, she would be able to get away before they latched on. She just had to lean back--

Her legs gave out from under her. Sudden as an electric shock, they simply ceased to support her. At the same time, her breasts started writhing and clung to the car. The sucking noise soon followed, and Alissa knew that after this feast, she would be doomed.

Her arms, like her legs, refused to move. The numbness she had felt before had spiked aggressively when she had tried to deny her breasts their meal, to the point that she was unable to will her muscles into action. That proved it. Her breasts were at least somewhat conscious. They had already lunged at prey, and now they could and would prevent her from interfering. She could no longer contain them.

The hopelessness hit her like a punch in the stomach. She wanted to vomit and cry all at once. The car crunched and squealed as plastic and glass and metal were pulled into the flesh of her boobs. Under the orange glow of the streetlight, she saw that their surface was becoming slightly translucent. She could vaguely make out the shadows of parts of the car floating around. It disgusted her.

A voice behind her made her turn her head. She had forgotten about the car in her panic. It turned out to be an ambulance, and it had stopped behind her in the road. The headlights were still on; she couldn't see anything through the glare.

The voice continued. "What the hell is happening Frank? You hear that? It's like that car is being crushed."

Another voice answered. "Your guess is as good as mine. This is insane. I thought we were supposed to be picking up a bullet wound victim. But this is the girl, right? The one the cops were talking about. The 'robber.'"

"Holy shit, I think you're right. She fits the description pretty well." A figure moved between the headlights and Alissa, and she could make out the profile of a man. "Ma'am, can you hear me?" Alissa couldn't find her voice, so she nodded. "We're EMTs. We're here to help you."

"How are we going to help her? We don't even know what's happening."

"Shut up, Frank, you're not helping," the figure snapped at the still unseen voice. "Can you tell us what's happening?"

Alissa swallowed and tried to compose herself. The noises of her breasts still devouring the car distracted her, but she managed to get out a few words. "Breasts... my breasts... Theyeat things. Grow." She clenched her teeth to hold back a sob. "Help me."

"And how the fuck are we supposed to do that, John?"

"Frank, shut the hell up and get over here. We're gonna pull her off this thing."

"NO!" Alissa screamed, her voice piercing even over the sounds of the car being destroyed and the growing crescendo of sucking noises. "Can't get close..." Her head fell forward. It took Alissa a moment to figure out what was happening. Her head had gone numb, the same way her arms and legs had. She could still see, still hear, still think, but she couldn't do anything. If she had thought the hopelessness was overwhelming before, she was wrong. She was nothing but a spectator in the horror show that was herself now. She couldn't even control her eyes. They stared, open yet unfocused, at the quickly vanishing carcass of the car she had almost avoided.
Wow, I didn't realize the extent of my madness until I tried to upload this to DA. The Bloob is twice the size limit of a DA text submission. So, here you go, the first 7 chapters.

This story was the idea of a friend which I took and ran with. A BE and horror mix, it is not for the faint of heart. This is the original story in The Bloob series, which also includes my other story, The Aftermath of Mia.
nrnrn999 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's fun and sexy. On the other, it's really sad... Very well written but I think I prefer the simple "she enjoys the growth" B.E stories. No conflicting feelings.
Hm, I like :3
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