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"Please, take off your coat and have a seat over there."

Mei did as she was told, hanging her thick winter coat on a hook by the door, which creaked a little under its weight. Beneath the coat she wore a thin blue tanktop, slightly sweaty from the trapped body heat of her normal attire. She reclined on the padded chair Dr. Ziegler had motioned toward, pulling out her collar repeatedly to fan herself. The pristine examination was surely perfectly climate-controlled, but the Antarctic chill was part of her now, and even precision-engineered comfortable temperatures felt a bit stuffy.

The doctor threw her own labcoat around a swivel chair and pulled it up to Mei. She plucked an otoscope from the nearby tray and asked Mei to turn her head. "Thank you for agreeing to this exam," she said as she worked. "I just want to be sure there were no ill effects from your long-term cold storage."

"Of course, Dr. Ziegler. Thank *you* for taking such a personal interest." The doctor placed a hand flat on her head and turned it to examine the other ear.

"How could I not, when my old friend returns from the dead?" She swapped the otoscope for a stethoscope and rolled her chair to the side, sliding the cold metal up Mei's back and asked her to breathe deeply. Satisfied, she rolled back around to the front and, without warning, pushed the cold resonator into the exposed skin of Mei's left breast, causing her to draw a quick breath through her teeth. Angela's lips pursed for a moment and she apologized. Before Mei could ask what about, the doctor cupped the breast and pushed the stethoscope's disk a bit cleavageward and much more firmly. Between the chill metal and the feeling of her breast spilling around Angela's hand, Mei felt her nipple stiffen slightly, and hoped it wasn't too obvious through the tanktop.

A few more measurements with a handful of other tools and Angela rolled back from her patient and nodded. "Everything seems to be in working order. Anything bothering you?"

"Not in particular, Dr. Ziegler," Mei replied.

"Please, Mei, Angela will do," she insisted, but smiled. "I'm glad to hear that." She stood up and walked over to a cabinet with a keypad lock. "Now that we've determined your good health, there is one other reason I asked you here today."

"There is?" Mei asked.

"Yes. It's a... treatment of sorts."

"A treatment for what?"

"Well... you are familiar with Ana's special tool, yes? The one affectionately referred to as the Nanaboost?"

"Yes, of course. I've heard it's been quite a lifesaver on the field."

Angela's expression darkened slightly. "Yes, well, like most of the things I developed for her, she seems to enjoy blurring the line between lifesaver and life-taker with it." She shook her head. "But regardless, the effect is short-lived. A burst of extreme power and then-- it's over. I've been working on some improvements to the formula. To make it more... permanent."

Mei fidgeted a little on the examination chair, as she realized where Angela was going with this. "You want to test it," she said simply.

Angela nodded. "And this examination confirmed my suspicions that you'd be the optimal subject." Noticing Mei's discomfort, she quickly added, "Don't worry! It's a small dose. Just a quick injection and then I take some more experimental measurements and we're done."

Still unconvinced, Mei asked, "It's safe?"

"Absolutely! After all, the nano-boost has been field tested to hell and back by now, and this is just a slightly modified version of the same principles."

Without further protest from Mei, Angela keyed in the password and removed a small syringe from the cabinet. "You agree to the procedure, yes?"

A bit apprehensive, but willing to ignore that because of her friendship and Angela's clear eagerness, Mei gave a hesitant yes.

Without further ado, Angela plunged the needle into Mei's bicep, drained its contents, and stepped back to watch the effects.

The tingling began around the site of injection, like the pinpricks of a limb that's fallen asleep. It spread throughout Mei's body quickly, raising goosebumps all over, but quickly faded to be replaced by a comfortable warmth. Beyond that, she didn't feel any different, and she was going to explain that to the doctor when she felt a tightness in her chest.

No, wait... *around* her chest. Looking down, her tank top was stretched taut across her breasts. Her earlier worry about her stiffening nipple poking through the fabric turned out to be well-founded; both stood fully alert, pointing accusingly at the doctor across from them. Mei felt herself blush at her own anatomy's betrayal.

She had hardly any time to dwell on it, however, as a new realization dawned on her. Her stomach was exposed. The fabric of the tank top was riding up, revealing the curves inside, which embarrassed her further as she involuntarily compared her figure to the tall, slender doctor's.

The answer to *why* the fabric had chosen now to ride up became clear immediately. Before her very eyes, Mei watched her breasts heave, then settle, jiggling relentlessly at a size visibly larger than they had been a few seconds ago. She hadn't started small, certainly, but they'd ballooned up at least a couple of cups, she was sure.

Another heave, another settle into jiggling. She felt cool air underneath them now, the sweat that had been trapped within the tanktop exposed and rapidly evaporating. The tanktop ripped somewhere she couldn't see.

Heave, settle, jiggle. She could no longer see her knees below her. A semicircle of exposed areola prickled in the air, causing her nipples to stiffen further. They strained against the fabric impetuously.

Her senses scrambled, Mei tried to get out a question. "Angela, what--"

The tanktop ripped clean and her enlarged breasts spilled out with gleeful exuberance. Mei tilted dangerously forward as their weight came down with a bounce, but just barely held her ground.

Urgent shock snapped Mei back and she looked up to the doctor to finish her question, but Angela's expression gave her pause.

"So fast..." the doctor murmured, something between curiosity and hunger in her eyes. "You really were the right choice, Mei."

Even as she spoke, Mei's breasts pulsed again and again, swelling several sizes with each. They expanded into her lap, the warm weight squishing into her thighs, then settling flat, then spilling over, the boob flesh soft and malleable.

"Doctor what is happening?" Mei finally got out.

"Nothing unexpected, I assure you," came the unhelpful reply. Angela approached the still jiggling, still growing mounds. "Now, Mei, I'm going to start on those measurements. Please, don't hold back."

Before Mei could ask what she meant, Angela grabbed one erect nipple with no sign of delicacy. Mei gasped as the enlarged sensation hit her, but it was quickly overtaken as Angela dropped to her knees and prodded the nipple's tip experimentally with her tongue.

Soon she was licking it all over; tip, one side, then the other, and back again, bending the nipple in whichever direction she thought would get her tongue a better angle on the action. She took it in her mouth, the circumference of a hotdog, and sucked, sending shivers down Mei's spine. The ice girl could no longer form protests. Whatever process was making her breasts grow was also amplifying their sensitivity, and the pleasure overtook her with every new route of Angela's fingers and tongue.

And even while Angela teased and suckled, the breasts continued to grow. Mei was forced to lean further and further forward as their increasing weight pulled on her. The doctor switched her focus to the other nipple. A bittersweet moment; that nipple had ached for the same attention, but now that the first had lost it, it craved it even more. Angela acquiesced by reaching over and flicking it with her free hand.

At just that moment, the breasts, which had already grown to the point of spilling significantly past Mei's knees and wide enough that her outstretched arms could just barely reach the edges of her areola, gave a mighty heave and threw Mei, Angela, and the now beanbag chair-sized boobs forward into a heap on the floor.

Mei rolled back over her breasts and settled on her knees. Their mass kept her propped upright in that position. From her new perspective, she could just make out the top of Angela's head poking out from under her cleavage, but she could feel the doctor squirming in immaculate detail. When she finally extracted herself, her scrubs pants had come off, pinned beneath the massive boobs.

She stood to her full height in front of Mei in her scrubs top and surprisingly sexy black panties, and surveyed her handiwork. "Ten times growth, at least, I'd say. And judging from your reactions, the sensitivity is equally increased." She beamed. "Ooh, I cannot *wait* to try this with Fareeha."

"But for now, I don't think we're finished." Angela peeled her top off, revealing her own comparatively modest breasts, nipples hard with excitement, and bent over to slide her panties down. A thin string connected the glistening of her pussy to the underwear before it dripped and she tossed the garment aside. The sight of it made Mei conscious of the wetness between her own legs, and triggered a desire within her despite herself.

Angela slid up to one enormous tit and slid her arms across its girth, causing the field of skin to prickle with goosebumps. She dug her arms in and pulled her hips forward, pressing her pelvis against the boob flesh and straddling above the nipple. She rubbed herself against it for a few moments, gyrating, and slowly lowered herself down until her vulva rested on the top of Mei's now-bottle-sized nipple. She grinded against it's top, pushing against it to spread the outer lips, slicking it with her juices, then pulled away, teasing.

Mei could no longer reach around her own breasts, but lust was starting to consume her too, so her hands wedged between the flesh and her thighs to toy with her own eager pussy. It was all she could do, at the mercy of the doctor.

Finally, the desire became too much to tease anymore and Angela pushed and molded the breast flesh back, raising the nipple to a more upright angle. Then, positioning herself above it, two fingers spreading her lower lips in anticipation, she slowly, gently, eagerly lowered herself onto it.

Both of them were instantly awash with the sensation of it. Mei, feeling the warmth and tightness enveloping her hypersensitive nipple, and Angela, feeling the stiff, uneven surface of the nipple filling her. For a moment they both just relished in it.

And then Angela lifted, almost to the point of extraction, but descended again, with force. Mei moaned with pleasure. Angela repeated her thrust, slowly at first, but with increasing speed. Involuntarily, her pussy squeezed the nipple tightly, causing Mei to yelp. Within seconds, Angela lost complete control, thrusting and squeezing and digging her fingers into the flesh of Mei's giant breast, seeking leverage for harder, faster thrusts. She raised one leg onto the breast for a better angle and, when she could remember to, massaged her clit with a free hand. The undulations sent waves through Mei's breasts, bouncing her body around, aiding her own self-pleasure attempts, though they paled in comparison to the white-hot ecstacy emanating from her nipple penetrating Angela's quivering pussy.

With one final, powerful thrust, Angela's back arched and she squealed in delight, in tandem with the crescendo of Mei's own moans and cries of orgasm. The two hung for a perfect moment in ecstacy, and then Angela collapsed forward into the fleshy padding, breathing heavily as the nipple slid out of her, slick and glistening in the exam room lighting.

The two women laid there in their post-passionate bliss for several moments, catching their breath. Finally, Angela looked up, somewhat sheepishly. Mei looked back, raised her eyebrows, and said, "Don't forget the other one."
BEdside Manner
A Mercy/Mei BE story that I lost sleep over. In the best way possible.
I haven't updated the journal entry in quite a while, and it was pretty out of date, so....

I'm no longer between jobs. In fact, I've been working as a programmer for almost 4 years now. And loving it.

Commissions are still theoretically open, but unlike before, I don't need the money. So it's more like, uh, requests are open but it has to be a request that triggers something within me and inspires me to write. Bring me your outlandish ideas!
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I haven't updated the journal entry in quite a while, and it was pretty out of date, so....

I'm no longer between jobs. In fact, I've been working as a programmer for almost 4 years now. And loving it.

Commissions are still theoretically open, but unlike before, I don't need the money. So it's more like, uh, requests are open but it has to be a request that triggers something within me and inspires me to write. Bring me your outlandish ideas!
  • Listening to: Slow Magic
  • Reading: The Culture series
  • Watching: Westworld
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Rum and Coke


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